Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Music Madness---The Way- Ariana Grande Ft. Mac Miller

For those of you who do not know Ariana Grande she played Cat on the Nick show Victorious and is now playing Cat in the new show Sam and Cat also featuring Jennette Mccurdy from icarly. Ariana has been singing since she was very little and started her entertainment career in the Broadway musical 13. At 19 she has a very strong and controlled voice. Her fan base known as the Arianators are fiercely loyal and support her every step of her journey.

Her newest song released March 25th, 2013 is called The Way and features Mac Miller. The song has many comparing it to an old school Mariah Carey song with it high notes and riffs. Just 7 hours after release, the song was number one on Itunes. The day before its release #TheWayTommorrow became a worldwide trending topic on twitter. The video for The Way was released 3 days after the song and is a very unique video. Ariana and Mac are seen singing or rapping as scenes from the video play behind them. It is a very cool feel and one that fits the song very well.

Take a listen to the song and watch the video below.

"I love the way you make me feel, i love it, i love it." will surely be stuck in your head for hours but in a good way. With such a strong fan base and an amazing voice its clear the Ariana will be in for some big things and someone that everyone should look out for. To purchase the song click the links Itunes and Amazon

For more about Ariana Grande follow the links below.

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