Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music Spotlight- Ariana Grande

Take a listen to Ariana's new single Put Your Hearts Up. Ariana is an amazing singer and actress. She inspires many people to just be themselves and is a very positive and upbeat person. Put your hearts up is one message everyone should hear and take to heart. Its about being yourself and staying positive in who you are. To help others and see the good in the world not just noticing anything bad that happens. This song is one of the best inspirational songs of today and I'm glad Ariana is finally getting the recognition a voice like hers deserves. She is such a sweet person and loves her fans dearly. So happy for you Ariana you deserve it and keep making music. Check Out all her music and sites in the links below.
Buy Put Your Hearts Up
Official Vevo
YouTube OSnapItzAri
Official Website

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