Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mickey and Minnie Fashion Inspiration

Two very classic Disney characters, they are the faces of the Disney franchise. Both lovable and a part of every ones childhood. So what better way to express your inner Disney then wearing fashion inspired by the mouses. After all it was all started with a mouse.
The first Mouse we are going to start with is Mickey. The face of the Disney company. He was creates in 1928. His most common outfit is his red shorts and yellow shoes though in the parks he is dressed in a suit. The outfit below is a combination of Mickey's read shorts and his suit in the park.
Tank Top

Minnie Mouse is Mickey's love interest and who doesn't know her iconic red polka dot dress. Below we channel that with a red and white polka dot skirt. Paired with a simple black tanktop is slims the figure and the red jacket still adds the top of her dress. The yellow heels are a fashionable way to incorporate her shoes. The hair bow continues the polka dot theme while still being girly.

Tank Top
Bow Headband
Hope you use this to inspire your Disney fashion try it out.

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