Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finding Nemo Inspiration

         If you have a love of the Walt Disney Company then you know they are presenting the world with four new resorts in the Orlando area. These resorts are going to be called the Art of Animation resorts. There will be four themes Finding Nemo, Cars, Lion King and The Little Mermaid. In honor of the opening of the Finding Nemo part of the resorts this post will be about dressing like our favorite Finding Nemo characters.



The first set features everyone's favorite character and one that is hard to find in such a big ocean, Nemo. Capture Nemos signature stripes with the fun orange and white cardigan and tie top. The coral earrings and necklace add a fun under the sea theme to the look. Nemos orange and white colors and are paired through the different mix and match tops and bottoms. Finish the look with a summery feel with white sandals.


Dory Inspiration

Dory may be forgetful but you won't be in this fun outfit inspired by her bright colors. For a summery feel try this bright blue dress and pair it with these cute American Eagle sandals. For a more easy going look pair the shorts and yellow tank top with the sandals to still channel dorys colors. Don't forget the just keep swimming necklace and you'll feel just like our fun friend.


squirt inspiration

Squirt is a free spirit who helps Marlin and dory get to the EAC so they can find nemo. Channel Squirts fun nature and colors with these different mix and match combos of greens, browns and whites. Make sure to complete the look and remind Squirt of his family by wearing a necklace and bracelet with sea turtles.

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